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Kingsland Beats Out Nearly 700 Companies as ‘Most Innovative Product of the Year’ & ‘Start-up of the Year’

Kingsland University — School of Blockchain has been named a winner in the Most Innovative Product of the Year — Education and the Start-up of …

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An Avalanche of Patents: Blockchain Goes Mainstream

You know that something is going mainstream when the world’s largest businesses start cornering their share of the market. We’re currently experiencing an upswing in patent applications from the likes of IBM, Amazon, Bank of America, and Mastercard. Blockchain is going mainstream.
Here are just a few of the incoming patent applications we’re seeing in this rush to patent blockchain technology — and what it means for you.

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5 Ways Cryptocurrencies Will Drive the Future of Money

Whether you’re deep into token sales and monitor your bitcoin valuation on an hourly basis, or you’re a crypto naysayer who looks on ICOs as …

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Blockchain’s a bigger revolution than the internet — are you ready?

So, your interest in blockchain is piqued. You’ve heard tell about the promises for the technology — everything from generating trillions of dollars in business value-add to …

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Blockchain Jobs on the Rise — Just ask the patent office!

Is blockchain really going to take off? If you have to ask yourself this, then you haven’t been keeping tabs on the market. While crypto …

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Blockchain Misconceptions

Episode 13: Blockchain Misconceptions

Hey everybody. Jason King here from, Kingsland School of Blockchain at Kingsland University. The first and only accredited school for blockchain development in the …

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