What is it?

An Income Share Agreement is a revolutionary new concept in the post-secondary education field. Student loans have now become one of the most burdensome debts in America. At Kingsland, our goal is to help you get the career you want quickly without the financial strain.

An Income Share Agreement simply means that you will not pay any upfront tuition for your education. Each agreement is slightly different but it is easily summarized as such:

You will not pay for your program until the following conditions are met:

You get a job in
your field.

You make a minimum
amount of income per year.

For example: In our Full Stack Developer program you must make at least $40,000 per year before you start paying for your education.
Once you have been hired and you start making money you pay a small percentage of your income back to Kingsland until your program has been paid in full. This usually is paid back over two or three years.
Here’s what makes this special. We only get paid when you do. An Income Share Agreement allows you to attend our programs, get trained, and get a job before you pay anything. It’s essentially putting all the risk on us. We believe so strongly in the programs that we teach and the job demand in our fields that we take the risk for you. How’s that for confidence.

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