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Seoul Blockchain Developer School  Seoul  Seoul Blockchain Programming Course  January 2019
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Kingsland's Seoul Blockchain Developer Program
Is Comprised Of Two Distinct Courses

Blockchain Networks

Blockchain Networks teaches a deep understanding of blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies and will give you the necessary skills to master:

  • Blockchain comprehension
  • Designing and coding simple blockchain networks
  • Implementing blockchain consensus algorithms
  • Decoding Cryptography
  • Interacting with crypto wallets
DApps & Solidity

The DApps & Solidity Course teaches the practical aspects of DApp development and will provide you the knowledge and experience to confidently:

  • Develop smart contracts using Ethereum & Solidity
  • Write Solidity code and use the framework & tools
  • Design and develop decentralized apps (DApps)
  • Access and navigate the Ethereum network
  • Use decentralized storage systems

Each course can be taken separately, but students must
successfully complete both courses to
become a Kingsland Certified Blockchain Engineer.



Average Blockchain Developer
Annual Salary: $215,606.80*

The world's awareness and adoption of blockchain is increasing at breakneck speeds, and the demand for skilled blockchain developers is exploding. There are currently 14 jobs for every Blockchain Developer.
Seoul Blockchain Developer CourseJobs have tripled
since 2016
Blockchain Courses93% of jobs
This presents a huge opportunity for developers with the desire to work with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchain protocols.

* According to Hackernoon's 2018 Tech Jobs & Salary Report

Why Choose Kingsland?

Award-Winning Education Provider

Kingsland University – School of Blockchain has been in the education space for nearly a decade. We are globally positioned as the leading provider in education for emerging technologies, and our Internationally recognized award-winning learning programs set the world-standard for disruptive digital technology education.

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About Our Seoul Campus

Seoul is one of the world's major technology hubs, hosting the headquarters of 15 Fortune 500 companies that dominate the tech sector. Ranking among the top 10 most visited cities in the world, Seoul offers the chance to complete your blockchain training where each year over 10 million international travelers take their vacations.

With the modern draw of rich pop culture and the ancient allure of Buddhist traditionalism, Seoul invites visitors to experience the unification of past, present, and future in South Korea's largest metropolis. Traverse the halls of massive historic palaces or trace the curvature of the cities futuristic urban architecture as you embrace the city that balances its cultural identity with trendy modernization - all along the cutting edge of technology.

Allow yourself to be captivated by South Korea's capital city; spend your days in the classroom and as the sun sets, be enchanted by Seoul's thriving nightlife. Learn, explore, and experience Kingsland School of Blockchain in Seoul.

Most Up-To-Date Blockchain
Training Curriculum On The Planet
Our curriculum team is comprised of industry leaders and award-winning educators whose primary role with Kingsland is to create state-of-the-art curricula tailored to meet the constantly evolving needs of the blockchain sector.
9,000+ Requests to hire Kingsland
Blockchain Developer Graduates
Kingsland's commitment to ensure the future of blockchain means we work with industry to place Kingsland-trained developers on the most innovative projects in the blockchain space. Here are just a few of the companies looking to hire Kingsland graduates for their blockchain projects:

Meet Your Kingsland
Blockchain Course Teachers

Meet Your
Kingsland Blockchain
Course Teachers

Patrick Galloway
Patrick Galloway is a passionate educator and developer. He has built several apps ranging from credit card payment portals to a lead assignment system for a mortgage company. Galloway's focus is on building strong fundamental skills through a hands-on approach to learning that equips his students with the refined though processes necessary to become resourceful and skilled developers.
Anar Enhsaihan
Anar Ensaihan has been an iOS engineer for a multitude of startups and Apps that he has worked on have reached hundreds of thousands of users in markets including North America, Europe, and Asia. He's deployed a dApp on the Ropsten Ethereum network that fully takes advantage of the decentralized nature of the blockchain.
What Students Say
About Kingsland
Learn Blockchain
Kingsland's course taught me up-to-date essentials of blockchain from the ground-up and the hands-on activities that the course had enabled me to have a shorter learning curve. For me, the most challenging part was interacting with different people of distinct nationalities at varying levels of professional proficiency. It was the best experience I have ever had. The course has opened new doors that led me to fantastic opportunities. I was able to meet and work with amazing people who are transforming the world and making it a better place.
  Noren A., Philippines
What Students Say
About Kingsland
During my search for a comprehensive educational blockchain program, Kingsland stood out for me as the only viable option and they totally delivered. The balance between lectures, in-class coding and collaboration, and class projects could not have been implemented better. I will always be grateful for my experience at Kingsland for helping me become a better blockchain engineer.
  Anar E., Mongolia
What Students Say
About Kingsland
Blockchain Jobs
The Kingsland blockchain developer training program is intense and so it should be; there's so much information to get through! Every day there is news about blockchain and the course accounts for that - if it was at a normal pace, we wouldn't learn the skills we need!
  George P., Bulgaria
What Students Say
About Kingsland
Online Blockchain Course
From day one I was learning crucial blockchain information and concepts. Having never dealt with the blockchain before this course I think it's a perfect crash course for software developers who are looking to move into the space. The course was fast-paced and covered all relevant blockchain concepts, down to creating DApps in solidity, and deploying them onto the blockchain. I would highly advise the course for anyone looking to move into the blockchain space.
  Patrick, USA

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