Technology Sales Program

Learn in-demand skills and launch your career in technology sales with our new accredited program. 


What can you look forward to as a technology sales professional?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is big business: and growing companies are looking for specialists to sell subscriptions for their websites and apps to other organisations.

As a technology sales professional, you’ll promote and sell products by demonstrating how they work. That includes prospecting and qualifying leads, pitching, negotiating and closing contracts..

The Technology Sales Program will equip you with the sales skills and technical knowledge you need to succeed – even if you’re starting from scratch

Course Details

Here’s what you will learn

Technology Sales Modules

  • 1. Why be in B2B Tech Sales?
  • 2. Tools and technology
  • 3. Prospecting
  • 4. Into to CRM
  • 5. SaaS Fundamentals
  • 6. Prospecting & Discovery Calls
  • 7. Customer Personas and Crafting Effective Sales Messaging
  • 8. Creating a Sales Playbook
  • 9. Conducting Effective Presentations and Demos
  • 10. Sales Methodologies (Challenger Sales, Solution Selling & How to Pitch Anything)
  • 11. LinkedIn for Personal Branding, Securing a Job, and Social Selling
  • 12. Success metrics to become an A-player
  • 13. Guest Speaker – Sales Manager/VP
  • 14. Guest Speaker – Recruiter
  • 15. Job Readiness, CV Workshop and Interview Preparation
  • 16. 2 weeks 1:1 access with a mentor
  • 17. Lifetime access to sales and job landing resource
  • 18. Mentorship Finding a Job & Introduction to recruiters
  • 19. Internship or placement program
  • 20. KU SDR Certification
  • Bonus: Receive templates for each module to use on the job

Throughout the program students will be expected to:

  • 1. Keep a learning journal of each module
  • 2. Listen to provided .mp4s for The Challenger Sales (provided)
  • 3. Listen to provided .mp4s for How to Pitch Anything (provided)
  • 4. Prepare and participate in Demo Days completion during module 9

Programs start once per quarter.

They are conducted online with world-class instructors and a live support team available everyday.

Regular weekly assignments ensure that you stay on track as you complete the accredited program. You’ll have all of the tools and support you need to thrive.

Our innovative provides you with an accredited B2B sales certification that tech recruiters are looking for in these times of low supply and high demand for sales associates.

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