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Applied Blockchain:
Opportunities for Executives

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Through This Blockchain Program You Will:


in a workshop-based learning experience, with case studies and pitch sessions, designed for intensive executive skill enhancement.


impact-driven decision-making and amplify innovation through leading-edge blockchain education.


highly relevant, business-changing, in-demand skills and earn recognition from an accredited University.

Who Should Participate

This full day program offers a non-technical overview of blockchain fundamentals: what the technology is, how it works, and the emerging implications and opportunities for industries disrupted by it. 

Through case studies and collaborative exercises, you’ll be introduced to a powerful new technology, begin to understand its global impacts, and consider opportunities to leverage blockchain-integrated solutions for competitive advantage.

What You’ll Learn

Join us for an intensive introduction to blockchain technology and tokenization (crypto-currencies). Understand blockchain’s technical capacity and potential applications through applied case studies. Look at a number of use cases for blockchain – delving into the ‘how, when, and why’ of considering blockchain solutions. Blockchain is an integrated technology – join us to consider how blockchain fits into the larger context of the emerging tech landscape, including integrating with AI, VR, IoT and more.

Session 1

Introduction to blockchain

What is blockchain and what can you use blockchain for? Learn what blockchain is, how it can be applied, and why blockchain solves some key challenges within organisations, improves efficiencies, reduces redundancy, and increases profit margins.

Session 2

Applied Blockchain for Enterprise

powered by

Session 3

Tokenization explained

Cryptocurrency and tokens made a global splash in 2018, most notably around the all-time high price of Bitcoin, the ‘gold standard’ of cryptocurrencies. But behind the ‘crypto craze’ a powerful shift is underway in terms of the way the world creates, buys, stores, and exchanges ‘valuable’ digital assets. In this session, you’ll be introduced to an emerging finance and asset model that’s gaining momentum across the world.

Session 4

Deep dive: Blockchain Integration - IoT, AI, VR and beyond

In this session, go deep on how blockchain integrates with other emerging tech trends to power the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Who You’ll Learn With

Throughout this program, you’ll engage with innovators, leaders and business visionaries from around the world. Through collaborative group work, you’ll engage in robust discussion and problem solving with like-minded leaders from a variety of industries.

Gain insight into opportunities, threats and strategy from a multiplicity of perspectives.


Alex Lightman

MMIT/Harvard, 4x global award-winning innovator and educator, Amazon best selling author on technology, former advisor to White House, NATO, DoD, 30+ government agencies and to 30+ large technology companies.

Alex Lightman leads Kingsland’s Executive Education program. His goal is to take the body of knowledge around the Blockchain and make the complex comprehensible, the intangible graspable and the future urgent for Kingsland program participants.

Lightman is an award-winning teacher, writer, innovator and entrepreneur, and the founder of Token Communities Ltd., and Blockchain Commodities Exchange and has served as an advisor to 20+ Blockchain companies. In 2018 he authored 35 articles and 10 white papers related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

His awards include the first Economist magazine Readers’ Award on behalf of 4G Wireless, vs. Elon Musk and five other innovators in a global vote, after 4,000 innovations were submitted. The only other recipient of this award was to Steve Jobs.

He is the first columnist for ICO Crowd magazine, an Amazon best-selling author in seven categories (for Augmented: Life in The Smart Lane, with Brett King), and keynote speaker at 25+ Blockchain conferences in 2018.

He has chaired and organized over 300 international events related to the business of technology and given hundreds of keynotes and workshops over the last 35 years.

Where You’ll Learn

Singapore is a world-renowned centre for fintech and innovation; with its tropical climate and diverse, multicultural population, it’s an ideal destination to complete your blockchain training.

Through a fusion of Chinese, Indian, Eurasian, and Malaysian cultures, Singapore is a truly international, cosmopolitan community. A rich cultural tapestry is woven through the streets of the “City in a Garden” – from the high-tech skyscrapers and suspended nature trails, to the traditional architecture and local food hawkers markets – there’s something in Singapore to delight and fascinate every visitor.

Take a break from your studies and enjoy Singapore’s warm, tropical weather year round; if it’s a weekend, why not take a break at one of Sentosa Island’s famous beach clubs. Learn, explore, and experience Kingsland School of Blockchain in Singapore.

Kingsland: Award-Winning Education Provider

Kingsland University – School of Blockchain has
been in the education space for nearly a decade.
We are globally positioned as the leading provider in
education for emerging technologies, and our Internationally
recognized award-winning learning programs set the
world-standard for disruptive digital technology education.


What our students have to say

Why Study At Kingsland

Curriculum Network

Kingsland’s curricula are designed by the world’s best blockchain minds. Our curriculum team is comprised of industry leaders and award-winning educators whose primary role with Kingsland is to create state-of-the-art curricula tailored to meet the evolving needs of the blockchain sector.

Innovative Teaching

Our programs integrate a range of active learning strategies, including problem-based and project-based learning. Kingsland’s active learning approach intertwines theory and practice, promoting self-directed and lifelong learning skills that are essential for executives who need to adapt to rapid industry change.


Kingsland is the first accredited blockchain training program in the world and this accreditation not only ensures that our programs are delivered to the highest standard but also allows us to partner with other tertiary and higher education programs around the world for shared program delivery.

Blockchain Executive Seminar

“It’s no longer about adapting to change; businesses will need to transform to compete in a blockchain-enabled world.”

Steve Dakh, Kryptokit, Ethereum, Kingsland School of Blockchain Guest-Lecturer
Blockchain Dev Certification

“Today’s leaders need to understand the potential impacts of disruptive technologies or they risk getting left behind. Developments in blockchain are fast outpacing traditional business processes and business leaders will need to work hard to stay ahead of the curve.”

Craig Sellars, Tether, Omni, vAtomic, Kingsland School of Blockchain Guest-Lecturer
Blockchain Expert

“Education is the lynchpin for future success in the blockchain industry. Those willing to learn and to move quickly into the blockchain space will transform the future of our world.”

Jason King, Kingsland School of Blockchain, Co-Founder