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DevLeague is proud to partner with Kingsland University to provide world-class online training and broader access to tech jobs in Software Engineering and Cybersecurity.

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A Trusted And Accredited Education Provider

Accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools-Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS-CASI), Kingsland is an internationally-recognized higher education institution.

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What can you look forward to as a full-stack developer?

As the world continues to move online, full-stack development remains one of the most in-demand skillsets for employers.

The Kingsland Full Stack Developer program equips you with all the skills you need to enter one of the most in-demand career fields.

Full Stack Developer - Software Engineering

The digital revolution shows no signs of slowing down. You will always be in demand and employable in the ever-expanding market. A software engineer is an engineer who can handle all the work of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients.

  • Unit 1 Intro to programming
  • Unit 2 Expressions and Statements
  • Unit 3-4 Conditional Statements (Basic & Advanced)
  • Unit 5-7 Loops (For, While, Nested)
  • Unit 8 Basic Syntax
  • Unit 9 Data Types and Variables
  • Unit 10 to 12 Arrays (Basic, Advanced and Associative)
  • Unit 13 Methods & Functions
  • Unit 14 Objects & Classes
  • Unit 15 Text Processing & Regular Expressions
  • Unit 16 Syntax – Functions and Statements
  • Unit 17 Objects
  • Unit 18 Arrays
  • Unit 19 Advanced Functions
  • Unit 20 & 21 DOM and DOM Manipulation
  • Unit 22 Classes
  • Unit 23 Unit Testing & Modules
  • Unit 24Strings and RegExp
  • Unit 25 Workshop
  • Unit 26 This
  • Unit 27 Object Composition
  • Unit 28 Prototypes and Inheritance)
  • Unit 29 Rest Services and AJAX
  • Unit 30 Asynchnoronous Programming
  • Unit 31 Remote Databases
  • Unit 32 Templating
  • Unit 33 Routing and Architecture
  • Unit 34 Workshop SPA
  • Unit 35 Design Patterns and Best Practices
  • Unit 36 Web Pack
  • Unit 37 Intro to NodeJS
  • Unit 38 Streams and Utilities
  • Unit 39 ExpressJS and Templating
  • Unit 40 NoSQL And MongoDB
  • Unit 41 Sessions and Authentication
  • Unit 42 Validation and Error Handling
  • Unit 43 Workshop REST API
  • Unit 44 Project Works
  • Unit 45 Intro to React and JSX
  • Unit 46 & 47 Components Basic Idea and Deep Dive
  • Unit 48 Routing
  • Unit 49 Forms
  • Unit 50 React Hooks
  • Unit 52 Advanced Techniques
  • Unit 52Project Works

What can you achieve as a cybersecurity specialist?

Organizations are facing more threats than ever before. Online attacks have become increasingly common, and the need for protection is higher than ever.

As a cybersecurity specialist, you’ll design the infrastructure that keeps data safe. That includes assessments, penetration testing, and developing the architecture of secure networks

The Cybersecurity program will give you all the skills you need to claim your place in this rapidly growing industry. You’ll be on the frontlines of the war against hackers and data thieves.

Cybersecurity Specialist

As a Cybersecurity engineer, you’ll be in charge of protecting the networks and systems of an organization against the ever-growing onslaught of cyber threats. You’ll be able to perform assessments and penetration testing, provide development and implementation of secure network solutions by architecting and engineering trusted systems, and manage security technology systems.

  • Program overview, security basics and cryptography.
  • Networks, scripting for security and network communication.
  • Policy & compliance, enterprise security architecture, auditing & analysis.
  • Systems & their vulnerabilities, vulnerability assessments and ethical hacking.
  • Threat outlook, threat modeling and incident handling.
  • Students will focus on certification prep for Security+ and CEH exams.

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