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At Kingsland University we deliver accredited education,
in an online environment, that works around your schedule.
But that’s not the only thing that makes us special. We won’t charge you a dollar until you get a job.

Education On Your Schedule

Our classes are available from the comfort of your home. You simply register, get started on the cohort day, and complete the weekly requirements.

Job Placement

We actively search for the highest paying industries on the planet. When you graduate, we work to ensure you get placed in a job immediately.

Online Full Stack Developer School

No Upfront Tuition. No Risk.

We offer you the ability to pay zero tuition upfront. You pay the tuition after you get a job and ONLY if you get a job. We take all the risk because we are so confident in what we do.

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The world is changing faster than ever before

Salaries are falling and job security is hard to come by. The gig economy is letting workers down. Education that used to be valuable no longer guarantees a fulfilling career.

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It's time to make a change.

An education that’s future-proof doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take years to complete. You can have a seat at the table, upward mobility, and an exciting position in a fast-growing industry.



As a cybersecurity professional, you'll protect organizations against online threats. In our program, you'll be trained in the testing and implementation of secure network solutions. As the world continues to move online, skilled cybersecurity professionals will only become more necessary.


Zero to Blockchain

If you're new to development, but want to be part of the blockchain revolution, this is the only education you'll need. You'll be fully trained in both full stack development and blockchain engineering - a dual skillset that's in high demand with employers.


Blockchain Developer

If you're already a developer, but want to dive into the exciting new world of blockchain this course is all the training you'll need. Learn how to create smart contracts and blockchain apps, and claim your place in this revolutionary new industy.


Full Stack Developer

In this program, you'll transform into a proficient programmer who can handle all the work of databases, servers, and systems engineering. You'll combine creativity and critical thinking in a host of projects including mobile, web, and app stacks.


Executive Education

Blockchain technology is one of the most important recent developments for enterprise companies. With blockchain, your organization could obtain a strong competitive edge in the market. This program gives you the skillset to develop and execute a blockchain strategy with your team.

Happy Graduates. Employed Graduates.

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