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Please note that applicants will not be denied participation in the program solely on the grounds that they have been charged, committed, or convicted of (or pleaded guilty or no contest to) a criminal offense, or solely on the affirmative answer. The nature, date, surrounding circumstances, and relevance of the offense to the post program employability will be considered.

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Name: Unspecified

Program: Unspecified

Start Date: 03 May 2022

Program Duration: Unspecified

Enter your Tuition Deposit

Earn a 200% matching grant for your tuition deposit.

Tuition deposit: ($500.00 Minimum)

Your tuition deposit is due: Unspecified

Your 200% Matching Grant = $1000

Summary of Estimated Tuition Payments

Tuition = $0.00

Total Payments = $0.00

Total Grants = $0.00

Total Adjusted Tuition = $0.00

Estimated Tuition to be Financed

The adjusted tuition of $0.00 will be financed and payments deferred until after graduation.

  • Interest rate is 0%
  • Repayment period is 36 months
  • Payments start 30 days after graduation

Estimated monthly payment after graduation is $0.00 / month

By submitting this estimated tuition payment plan, I understand that I am committing to pay the tuition payments as outlined above. I also understand grants are awarded upon successful receipt of qualified payments to Kingsland University. I understand this is an estimate and I still need to set up my financing account.

A copy of this payment plan will be sent to your unspecified email address.

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