Our Lecturers

Preslav Mihaylov

Preslav Mihaylov is the Blockchain Training Manager at Kingsland University – School of Blockchain. He is mostly known for leading various technical training courses to developers ranging from novice to professionals. Although he is currently specializing in the Blockchain industry, he has substantial experience in the embedded and robotics industries in companies like Visteon Electronics and Ocado Technology.

Patrick Galloway

Patrick Galloway is a passionate educator and developer. He has built several apps ranging from credit card payment portals to a lead assignment system for a mortgage company. Galloway’s focus is on building strong fundamental skills through a hands-on approach to learning that equips his students with the refined though processes necessary to become resourceful and skilled developers.

Anar Enhsaihan

Anar Ensaihan has been an iOS engineer for a multitude of startups and Apps that he has worked on have reached hundreds of thousands of users in markets including North America, Europe, and Asia. He’s deployed a dApp on the Ropsten Ethereum network that fully takes advantage of the decentralized nature of the blockchain.

Simeon Kotashki
Simeon Kotashki

Simeon Kotashki is BSc in Computer Science from King’s College London. He has 2 years of professional experience as a Java Developer working in the eCommerce industry. He is also very passionate about cryptography, network security and distributed ledger technologies. He took part in various interesting projects including the development of a Booking System for the Nuclear Medicine Department at “Royal Hospital Chelsea” and being partly involved in the development of a blockchain ecosystem aiming to fight counterfeit products across all industries around the world.

Jason KinG

King is a blockchain visionary and humanitarian hacker; he’s been in the crypto-tech space since 2010 and understands the enormous potential of blockchain technologies to solve global issues. King is also the founder of Unsung, a platform to connect those suffering from hunger to producers with extra food and individuals who want to help. He is also the co-founder of Sean’s Outpost and Satoshi Forest.

Steven Dakh

Dakh is a pioneer in the blockchain & cryptotech space. He’s behind some of the most significant advances blockchain has seen, including Kryptokit, Rushwallet and Ethereum. He’s a co-founder of Unsung, an initiative to end homeless hunger and is an advisor to many of the sector’s most inspirational projects, including C4 which aims to establish cryptocurrency standards that balance openness & privacy, security & usability, and trust & decentralization.

Vladislav Zorov

Vladislav started programming at a young age, and has worked in companies both big and small in several countries. He is interested in everything related to computer science or programming, and generally prefers to be on the cutting edge of technology (quantum computing, VR, you name it). He has always been passionate about sharing knowledge (and code), which eventually led him to Kingsland University, where he’s currently working as a Blockchain Technology Trainer.

Georgi Angelov

Georgi Angelov or just George is a passionate Computer Science Major and blockchain enthusiast. He started programming in 9th grade and was immediately hooked to this wonderful world. He is an avid learner and values every piece of knowledge he comes across, whether it is related to Computer Science or not. Georgi has also been involved in technical training for quite some time and enjoys providing value for those who are eager to learn.

Craig Sellars

Sellars is a leading innovator in the blockchain space. He is the chief technologist of the Omni Foundation and acts in a variety of roles including co-founder, technologist, facilitator, director, and advisor for several blockchain projects and companies including Omni, Tether, vAtomic, Bitfinex, Unsung, Fuzo, Factom, Synereo, Tau Chain and the MaidSafe Foundation. He has a BS degree in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.