Simeon Mandazhiev

Simeon Mandazhiev is a passionate trainer and developer with interest in blockchain technologies, automated trading systems, web technologies, and game development. He is forex, stock and cryptocurrency trader with knowledge in fundamental and technical analysis. Simeon isa Master of Finance from the University of World and National Economy. Currently, he is a Software University undergraduate at C# Web Developer professional module. Simeon was a technical trainer of the Blockchain Dev Camp course -Sofia -February 2018 and Blockchain Dev Course -Singapore May 2018. He held a seminar on “Smart Contracts for Bitcoin with RSK” at the Software University.

What is dApp?

What is dApp?

One of the most exciting applications of blockchain technology is the ability to use a decentralized application (dApp). They are similar to ordinary apps but use a smart contract as a back-end. Front-end code and user interfaces can be written in any language that can make calls to the smart contract. The code runs on …

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5 must have tools for blockchain developers

Blockchain Tools

Every blockchain developer has their own favorite tools helping them to experiment and create projects. These choices depend on the current network and programmer’s specialization, but there are some tools which we can call ‘gold classic’. They are proven in practice and both beginners and experienced developers use them. The collection of tools for blockchain …

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The difference between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic


Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) are two of the most famous cryptocurrencies in the blockchain world. They share not only the same name but a common history as well. For most of the blockchain developers, the Ethereum network is the main option for smart contracts and DAPP projects. Ethereum Classic is also interesting because …

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