5 must have tools for blockchain developers

Every blockchain developer has their own favorite tools helping them to experiment and create projects. These choices depend on the current network and programmer’s specialization, but there are some tools which we can call ‘gold classic’. They are proven in practice and both beginners and experienced developers use them. The collection of tools for blockchain developers that we present to you is more relevant to Ethereum development and networks supporting EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and these instruments are good starting kit for every developer interested in blockchain development.



The red fox with face leading mouse’s cursor is one of the most popular crypto tools. Metamask is a powerful gateway between the Ethereum blockchain and standard browsers. This tool isn’t a single application but browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox and Brave browser. It is creating a JavaScript library that allows a web browser to communicate with Ethereum nodes. Using this bit of JavaScript, the user can access and interact with dApps directly from the browser. MetaMask can be connected with almost any Ethereum network – from local ones like Ganache, through testnets like Kovan and Ropsten to the mainnet. MetaMask is also a multirole wallet and can store multiple addresses and private keys encrypted. The user can send, receive, and buy Ethereum and Ethereum-compatible tokens. MetaMask works with both mnemonic phrase and a single private key. It allows users to use multiple identities and use many unrelated addresses for different dApps.

Web site: https://metamask.io/ 







Truffle is a development environment, testing framework and asset pipeline for Ethereum, aiming to make life as an Ethereum (and not only) developer easier. The tool with confectionery name is a part of Truffle Suite together with Ganache and Drizzle. Developers like Truffle because with a command line interface they can quickly compile, deploy, debug and interact with smart contracts. The tool can communicate with public and private blockchain networks with web3 and get various information about blocks, transactions, balances, etc. Truffle can work with any blockchain using the EVM like Quorum, RSK, etc. Truffle’s popularity among the blockchain developers has grown steadily and it has become one of the most preferred tools in the Crypto World.

Truffle monthly downloads. Source: https://www.trufflesuite.com/dashboard

Web site: https://www.trufflesuite.com/truffle






Ganache is another part of the Truffle Suite. It allows developers to use a private Ethereum blockchain and have full control over it. On this local blockchain users can run tests, execute commands, and inspect state while controlling how the chain operates. There the developers have the ability to perform all actions that they would do on a testnet or mainnet even without an internet connection. The tool provides convenient functionality such as advanced mining controls and a built-in block explorer. Ganache can show the accounts, transactions, mnemonic phrase, and all other important things. There are two versions of this local blockchain – one with graphical interface and Ganache-CLI (with Command Line Interface). Many developers find Ganache useful for smart contracts’ testing and this tool with yummy name is becoming more and more popular.

Ganache (ganache-cli) monthly downloads. Source: https://www.trufflesuite.com/dashboard

Web site: https://www.trufflesuite.com/ganache




Remix is an absolute hit in Solidity developers’ circles. Although many modern IDEs can work with Solidity code with different plugins, Remix is the most used and famous alternative. Just go to remix.ethereum.org and you can create your own solidity project. It is written in JavaScript and is open source. With this tool, developers can create, debug, compile, deploy end interact with smart contracts. Remix has a web-based version that allays Solidity contracts writing straight from the browser, but also supports a local usage. Developers can use JavaScript Virtual Machine, connect Remix to local blockchain like Ganache or any supported blockchain network.

Web site: https://remix.ethereum.org/#optimize=false&evmVersion=null





Geth is an implementation of an Ethereum node in Go programming language. By default, when started, it will automatically connect to the Ethereum mainnet and download the entire Ethereum blockchain (approximately 1TB). But if wanted, users can connect it to different Ethereum networks or even create a local Ethereum testnet. Geth offers a large functionality. Developers can explore the block history, mine ether tokens, transfer tokens between addresses and even create smart contracts and execute it on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Geth can be run on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Web site: https://geth.ethereum.org/downloads/ 





There are many tools that can make blockchain development a pleasure. Most of them are free and open source. Getting to know the most important tools will make it easier for you to enter the world of blockchain technologies.