What is dApp?

What is dApp?

One of the most exciting applications of blockchain technology is the ability to use a decentralized application (dApp). They are similar to ordinary apps but use a smart contract as a back-end. Front-end code and user interfaces can be written in any language that can make calls to the smart contract. The code runs on …

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5 must have tools for blockchain developers

Blockchain Tools

Every blockchain developer has their own favorite tools helping them to experiment and create projects. These choices depend on the current network and programmer’s specialization, but there are some tools which we can call ‘gold classic’. They are proven in practice and both beginners and experienced developers use them. The collection of tools for blockchain …

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Functional vs object-oriented programming for blockchain

Functional programming vs object-oriented for blockchain

Functional programming is not a new idea, even though its popularity is a relatively recent phenomenon: the groundwork for many of the existing FP languages was laid in the 1930’s, by a mathematician named Alonzo Church, and his lambda calculus (if you’ve heard the term “lambda expression” – yes, they are related). Also in the …

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Bitcoin Script 101

Bitcoin Script 101

The term “smart contract” was coined by Nick Szabo in 1994, and they were made popular with the introduction of Ethereum in 2015, but many people don’t realize that Bitcoin also has them – in fact, the only type of transaction that Bitcoin supports is a scripted transaction! Multi-signature wallets, Lightning Network, escrow, all rely …

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A Deep Dive into Cryptographic Hash Functions


Introduction The aim of this article is to reveal the real nature of a cryptographic primitive called a Cryptographic Hash Function. Since the topic itself is quite mathematical, rigorous proofs will be omitted intentionally for the sake of simplicity. Therefore, expect less complex, but comprehensive models.   Functions In the mathematical sense, a function is …

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What makes cryptocurrencies different from fiat currencies?


You may have heard about cryptocurrencies before but still don’t understand how they compare to the fiat currencies that you hold in your wallet or bank account. Someone may have bored you to tears about the technical details behind cryptocurrencies when you were actually more interested in what makes it so different from regular money, or as I’ll refer to in this article, fiat currencies.

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