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Software Developer Job Titles

What Are the Different Software Developer Levels and Job Titles?

The field of software development is one of the most lucrative and intensive career paths there is. It requires a great deal of knowledge to …

Better Career Path

Cybersecurity Contracting vs. Full Time: Which is a Better Career Path?

Employment is not as cut and dry as you might expect, even for cybersecurity professionals. Growing up, we tend to picture employment as the standard …

Best Linux Distros

What Are the Best Linux Distros for Cybersecurity Students?

If you know anything about computers, you know that every single one needs an operating system. A computer without an operating system is little more …

5 Tips Cybersecurity Internship

5 Tips for Applying to a Cybersecurity Internship

So, you are considering a career in cybersecurity and are considering getting some experience through an internship. You probably wonder what the first step to …

Computer Science Degree

Do You Need a Computer Science Degree as a Full-Stack Developer?

If you are an aspiring full-stack developer, odds are that you are going to be looking for full-time work at an existing firm or office. …

Coding Bootcamp

Does Graduating a Coding Bootcamp Help you Get a Job?

Perhaps you are considering attending a coding boot camp, and you’re wondering about your job prospects. Maybe you’ve already decided on a career path, and …

Cybersecurity Job

6 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Careers Have Strong Job Security

Job security is a concern that plagues virtually every American in the 21st Century. In our society, supply and demand dictate the rate at which …

Coding Languages

Comparing freeCodeCamp and Codecademy: Which is a Better Platform?

If you are considering a career in programming, you are likely wondering where you should start learning the necessary skills to succeed. The most common …

Group of Developers

Full-Stack Developers vs. Software Engineers: What’s The Difference?

The professional technology institution is one that has been growing larger and larger for the last several decades and, if you are here, you are …

Full Stack Developers

What Is the Most Valued Skillset for a Full Stack Developer?

When you think about full-stack development, many different things might come to mind. You might think about the core coding skills a developer needs to …