Online Blockchain Developer Certification Course

The only online blockchain developer certification course comprised of Four Distinct Modules and an Advanced Project

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Online Blockchain Developer Certification

In a survey of 200 Fortune 500 Executives, 188 have plans to implement Blockchain but only 12 could find programmers to do it. Kingsland University’s online Blockchain developer course and certification enables students to future-proof their programming skills, add value to companies, and make a global impact. We’re committed to student outcomes through our unique online training platform. Job readiness and job placement are key parts of the Kingsland school of Blockchain experience. Our students go into class software programmers and come out blockchain developers. Click on the region and time zone below that suits you best.

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Meet Your Kingsland Blockchain Course Teachers


Patrick Galloway

Patrick Galloway is a passionate educator and developer. He has built several apps ranging from credit card payment portals to a lead assignment system for a mortgage company. Galloway’s focus is on building strong fundamental skills through a hands-on approach to learning that equips his students with the refined thought processes necessary to become resourceful and skilled developers.


Anar Enhsaihan

Anar Enhsaihan has been an iOS engineer for a multitude of startups and Apps that he has worked on have reached hundreds of thousands of users in markets including North America, Europe, and Asia. He’s deployed a dApp on the Ropsten Ethereum network that fully takes advantage of the decentralized nature of the blockchain.

Preslav Mihaylov

Preslav Mihaylov is the Blockchain Training Manager at Kingsland University. He is mostly known for leading various technical training courses to developers ranging from novice to professionals. Although he is currently specializing in the Blockchain industry, he has substantial experience in the embedded and robotics industries in companies like Visteon Electronics and Ocado Technology.